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kaysho's Journal

My RL name is Richard Wolf. I live in San Jose, California with my mate, Kayotae, and our dogs, Maxwell and Travis. I earn my keep working as an accounting type for a large multinational corporation. I'm generally easy going, a bit self-deprecating, not particularly opinionated, and occasionally excessively loquacious. I'll likely end up writing a lot of LJ entries while I'm at work, so if I sometimes come across as fairly formal and business-like, that's probably why (that and writing far too many papers in college). My anthropomorphic characters on various MUDs are all better looking than I am. I try not to judge people, and I try to see both sides of things, which means that I start many sentences with "Yes, but ...". On the surface I look like a normal person. I don't drink (errr, very much), don't smoke, and if you want to find out more of what I do, just ask!

Or read my LJ. :)